Ed-Tech Startup


The language learning revolution!

We joined Repetitio on the ground-floor, as Co-Founders. It was up to us to build all the software needed to allow people to learn Spanish using the most frequent words.

Repetitio has:

  • a native mobile application
  • a blog
  • an API that serves the top 1000 words, over 82,000 sentences and handles all our user accounts, security etc.
  • an admin dashboard that allows complete control over our unique dataset
  • user engagement and data analytics baked right into the app

We used many techniques, from haptic feedback, sound effects, to daily notifications and streaks to make the whole experience engaging for our user base.

As a start-up we are required to always be innovating and pushing the fringes of Ed-Tech resulting in endless hours of development, user engagement and acquisition. We were exposed to inner beating heart of running a start-up; the people.

The challenge was tailoring our app to the people that mattered, to make our mobile-app better reflect our target base. Lessons learnt that we still apply to all new projects today!